Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where's the Jewelry for Todays Moms

Friday morning, I went to a Todays Moms Breakfast Book Bash & Diaper Drive event. It's always cool to go to a mom bloggers event but it doubly cool when the events supports a worthy cause. This event collected hundreds of dollars worth of diapers to go to NYC families in need via As a new a mom of course I had to show my support

Here I am with the Todays Moms, Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo

Here I am with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, the surprise guest during the event

All that is nice and good but your thinking not really jewelry related right? Oh so wrong! This is a mommy event that pulled in a large group of ladies from mostly middle working class families right?  So there should have been jewelry bling all over the place at an event such as this. Yet as I walked around the room I noticed a shocking lack of jewelry. Not to say there wasn't any but very minimal. 

What is this about I thought?  Is there a new minimal jewelry trend that no one told me about? Should I have brought my jewelry business cards? Every time I made contact with another mom I was so tempted to offer some jewelry info. LOL . But I was there to promote my personal blog instead of my business blog. Still I wonder... where is the jewelry for todays moms and how can I get my jewelry to them?!

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Anne said...

Where has all the jewellery gone?I only see bare necks, including your own. We are always told to promote ourselves by wearing what we make, but I am equally guilty not wearing my jewellery because I feel overdressed.
You and the Duchess of York,great picture for long lasting memories!