Sunday, July 19, 2009

National Independent Retailers Week

National Independent Retailers Week starts today. Did you know this? I sure didn't until I saw it on the website. How can something so important start and pass so quietly in some area? Maybe because some might feel that the jewelry industry doesn't fall under this movement’s umbrella but I disagree.

So many jewelry makers and suppliers are family owned business. These small scaled business have struggled along with the large jewelry companies and have craved out their niche while building loyal customers. They deserve some recognition and our support.

So for those like me out the loop of things. lol. Here is some background info about this movement.

This summer, National Independent Retailers Week will be celebrated July 19-25. This special week was created by retail guru Tom Shay of Profits+Plus Seminars to help shoppers break the chain-store habit. His grandmother, the second generation in his retail family, was one of his favorite people, so when he created National Independent Retailers Week, he decided that it should fall each year during the week of her birthday, which is July 21.

National Independent Retailers Week celebrates the uniqueness that locally owned businesses bring to a community. Money that is spent in a locally owned business stays in the local community much longer. Why? Because the local business owners purchase more of their supplies, equipment, and inventory from other area businesses.

Local businesses are often owned by multi-generation families, and were started by the oldest generation years ago. Usually, the older generation is still a part of the business, but now a second and even a third generation are also taking part in day-to-day operations.

Shay established National Independent Retailers Week more than a decade ago, to remind us all of the importance of the locally owned small businesses within our communities. These "Mom and Pop" retailers provide local flavor and color not found at the big-box conglomerates. Shay hopes that this week will encourage consumers to support their diverse local businesses all year round

Suggestions are available about how retailers can get their area chamber of commerce or board of tourism to participate in National Independent Retailers Week at

Samples of newspaper ads and free bumper stickers can be found on the site as well. Visit the site to find out more about how you can promote this important week in your own community.

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