Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Connection of Myspace and Self Promotion

Like everyone else I have a myspace business profile that I made when myspace was considered the new hot spot to promote yourself. I started building a community there and promoting my brand but it's alot of work finding and marketing to the right kind of people on that site. Not impossible but alot of work

While hanging on on myspace for some reason I decided to turn my attention somewhere else...perhaps there was some new hot site that lanched and of course I wanted to try it out. Whatever the case my presence there as business has been lacking. But every now and then someone surfs over and makes contact.

A few weeks back I received a myspace email asking me if I wanted to donate some jewelry for the Southern Maine Pagan Pride Day in exchange for being advertised at the event. First thing is I'm not familiar with this event which is out of state. At first I was like...umm, I don't even know you but you want me to send you my jewelry? I mean this was the women's first email to me. I felt least exchange a few emails with me before you ask for my jewelry.

But then I thought...why not...I can make and send something on faith for help this women out. If it turns out to be a scam...well it's her karma but if it's legit then we both benefit. Promoting my business hasn't exactly been on the top of my list lately. LOL. Maybe this can be a way to do some alternate forms of promoting.

So within the next couple of day I'll make a few simple earrings, bring out some business cards and then send everything out on faith and see what happens

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Social Butterfly said...

Well, I guess it worked out. I saw you on BBWO, I too make jewelry. I am branching off now, b/c I am finding it hard to solely make jewelry. But, its my first passion. I will subscribe. Please subscribe to mine: Also, i will like to, one week feature you on my fb fanpage. It is my way of exposing other women's talents to my fans. I am at the growing stage. I will send u a message when I do it. If you disapprove, just let me know.