Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Entry for EAOC August Theme

So as I now try...once turn my attention back to jewelry I decided to keep up with the challenges/themes for some of the etsy teams I'm part. First up Etsy Artists of Color August Theme

EAOC August Theme: The challenge/ theme is to create and/or showcase all of our animal-inspired designs.

Hmm, I can't say I do alot of prints or jewelry with a pattern look since I'm currently on a gemstone and metal focus. Yet, I do have quite a few beads that I have yet to use soooooo...I made these earrings for the EAOC challenge/theme. They're made using Mudcloth Batik Bone Beads from Kenya, Africa with Sterling Silver finds.

Some Batik Bead Info ~

Mudcloth beads are made of bone and are created in Africa using a "batik" technique. Wax is painted onto the bead to create a design, then the remaining surface is darkened with a vegetable dye. Once the dye is set, the wax is removed. The resulting graphic is reminiscent of the African "bogolanfini" fabric known as mudcloth.

Oddly enough when I look at these beads they remind me of a cow. LOL. Thus, I feel I meet the EAOC August Theme for an animal-inspired design. What do you think?


Jonara Blu Maui said...

I think they are that pattern. They remind me of a zebra..but it's swirly...a swirly zebra lol!

Mary said...
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