Thursday, April 30, 2009

Universal Gifts of Encouragement

The universe always knows what we need and provides it at the right time. I've experienced this time and time again in many different areas of my personal life so I'm not surprised to find it also happening in my business life.

I bet you think I've been sitting too close to the incense burner and inhaled a few fumes to many. So let me show you...

First example, yesterday I was struggling thru usual, when I saw an email directly to me... meaning it wasn't from one of the groups, ning sites or stuff like that.  I did a quick read over and then had to read it again. The email was from a representative from inviting me to join a small group of jewelry designers who blog,  for their new program where they'll send me beads and jewelry supplies to use and then blog about. How cool is that right? 

But to me it's more then getting free jewelry supplies...once again a great's more about getting the encouragement the universe feels I need to keep making jewelry PLUS to blog about it. I mean there are literally thousands of jewelry blogs on the web, what are the chances he picks my little blog which is sadly lacking in regular updates?! I'm telling you universal encouragement. 

Second example, today I'm once again goin thru emails, this time on face book when I read this

I looked through jewelries designed by you.they are good, really! maybe they give a sense of normal at first glance, but I found they are tasteful after I look them more. You designs don't like current fashion design which give much visual stun. Your designs are very lite and durable on visual. actually! your personal profile picture (the one you working at lamp) also give a sense of that! I can't help to tell you these after I saw your pictures!

I am an ordinary Chinese.I am web programmer instead of jewelry designer!my hometown is a jade base of china where have many gemstone and gemstone jewelries!I will collect some good designs for you maybe you can use them when I go home next time.

I was SO touched by him seeing the "spirit" of my designs. What he said is exactly what I aim have something simple at first glance but that carries a deeper meaning. Since jewelry is such a personal item having it handcrafted with a positive spirit and intention is the way to go. And yeah how nice of him to offer to get me some gemstones during his next trip home. LOL

Third example to round out the universal encouragement is this. In the Etsy Artist of Color some changes were recently made to better promote the group and get more members to support each other.  One idea was to start a mentoring program. Now i'm humble enough to say that I need help when it comes to understanding how to sell and promote on I ask to be mentored. Very soon after that Gaetana of Satin Doll contacted me and offered to be my Etsy mentor.  I of course agreed cause really how can you say no to such a kind hearted gesture of each one teach one.

So you see what happens when you become ready...the universe sends it's gifts =)


BlossomingTree said...

Wow! Talk about being showered with blessings. Congratulations on all of it. Through personal experience I've come to believe that when you ask for something you have to be prepared to receive it, otherwise what's the point in asking. Seems like you asked, were prepared and received. Way to go!

Sheree said...

What wonderful blessings, the community of artisans I've encountered on the web have been extraordinary, to say the least. It is such an open-hearted group and I'm amazed how they consistently help others in their quest to dream, create, and succeed!!! I enjoyed reading your testimony :) said...

so wonderful..
so happy for you
mona & the girls