Friday, May 29, 2009

Merry Go Round - My Five Year Plan

It's Merry-Go-Round topic blogging time! Each month a group of creative folks get together, pick a topic and then blog about it at the same time...give or take a time zone =). 

This month's topic is to answer the question..."Five years ago did you think you'd be doing what you are doing now (craft/selling)? What has surprised you the most?".

Heck, I had a good chuckle at this question.  I'm doing nothing like I thought I would be.  Five years ago I was preparing to enter my 30's with excitement and plans of traveling.  I had worked all throughout my 20's, saved up a nice nest egg and had my heart set on getting lots of international stamps in my passport.

I had tried being a jewelry designer and decided it wasn't for me.  All that packing and unpacking, selling in the rain and bad weather, explaining to people why my earring cost this amount more then the person is the booth three rows down... and on and on and on...I had enough and had exchanged having a creative life for a life of travel.

As for kids, I had all so decided being a parent wasn't for me.  After all I tried settling down, being married and planning a family...twice...both times ended in divorce so I felt I gave that option a good chance.  Now I'll live for me and if need be adopt somewhere down the line.

Yup, I was all set to enjoy my coming years. But the universe has a way of tripping you off the path you think you should be you can start following another path...maybe your true life's path? I dunno...While I don't believe in destiny I can see areas in our lives where after making changes we're do something only we could have done...does that make sense?

So somewhere in those 5 years my original plan was changed drastically.  I never did travel, I became a single mom and thru motherhood renewed my need to be creative.  Who would have thought? Certainly not me...I'm curious to know what changes the next 5 years will bring.

So that's my contribution for the Merry-Go-Round project this month. Wonder what the other members of the Merry-Go-Round crew shared? Go take a visit and see. 

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Ruth said...

Gosh Nikki! Quite different from the rest of us! You'd tried your creative life before and were looking for something different! Hope it's more fulfilling this time round and no more rainy selling! Good to find out more about how you got to where you are now!

meherio68 said...

I'm with Ruth her on the rainy markets and the fulfilling part.
I would add that I couldn't agree more on life having a way to kick you out of your own decisions and bringing to you what you had just given up on!
But as you say, even knowing this, you are still left to wonder what the next surprises will be and when...

Wendren said...

Wow, it sounds as though you really have had your ups and downs but have somehow managed to come out on the right side of the rainbow. Good for you. :) I also totally agree with you that you can never really plan for the future becuase life sure does throw fire balls at you and sometimes the path you think you should have been on happens to not be the one you are on. Life is funny in that way but I am glad we can reflect on it and see goodness.