Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Thoughts

Greeting for the New Year. I am amazed that so months have gone by without me blogging here. In truth I had many ideas to blog and share. I did so many amazing things last year that I could have talked about here...but yet....I didn't.

I have many reason, excuses, explanations but really the true reason is I didn't think anyone would be interested in what I had to say. I kinda felt unless I had some actual jewelry to talk about I was short changing the point of this blog. I mean seriously what's a jewelry blog without actual posts about making jewelry. LOL.

Over the holiday break I took some time off from my other blog...yeah the semi famous mommy blog. My life as a mommy blogger has been a bit demanding. There were times during Sep/Oct where I was continuously attending media events, reviewing products, networking and socializing. On top of all that I was being a mom to my son. That is a fulltime job in itself. After all of that where is time for jewelry making...or blogging about jewelry making?!

Well I pondered this thought over the break. I wondered if I should just close down this blog and shelf my jewelry supplies. Matter of fact I did put my jewelry tools and supplies back in storage. When I finally got up the nerve to log into my jewelry related email/online profiles I found some interesting things.

I am touched beyond belief that people STILL find this blog and reach out to me. Other jewelry people, other creative moms, heck even one of the representative from Artbeads Blogging for Beads Program checked in with me. Who would guess all these people even remembered this blog...much less me.

But that's the thing. You never know how other people think and feel about the things you share. So I had this thought.... If I can't write about making and selling tons of jewelry perhaps I can continue to write about the process of....
  • being creative.
  • looking at jewelry in new ways
  • my own jewelry journey and how it's shaping me.
I've always felt there is as much value in the journey of something as much as in the end result. Hopefully my readers old and new will feel the same. Shall we begin...

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