Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Back on Track

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I had tons to do with updating this blog today. There were many times I pulled my hair in frustration when codes broke, my son demanded bananas, I couldn't find the photos of the jewelry I just scanned and on and on and on. BUT I was determined to update things today and struggled thought it. I'm happy to say while I didn't get everything on my blog to do list done, I did get some important things done.

*letting go a deep sigh of relief*

One very important thing I got done today was the designing and actually uploading of my blog buttons. Aren't they cute? *proud grin* While the perfectionist in me wanted to hold off so I can tweak the graphics some more...I had to be realistic and just let it go. Sometimes you need to see the progress your making more then trying to achieve perfection. There's still lots more to do but it will have to wait another day. I'm taking my son outside for a walk so we can enjoy the rest of this beautiful sunny day.

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Jonara Blu Maui said...

That is so true..seeing the progress can be even more motivating to get more done. You can always go back and tweek graphics later on. Your buttons look great and it's just cool that you have some! Good go get some bananas for your son cuz he did a good job too..waiting for mommy while she works! ;-)