Friday, March 27, 2009

Merry Go Round - Baked Custard Recipe

It's Merry-Go-Round topic blogging time! Each month a group of creative folks get together, pick a topic and then blog about it at the same time...give or take a time zone =). Usually they blog about business stuff but this month's blog topic is a bit different. This month we choose to blog about our favorite recipes. I want to share a recipe for baked custard my mother taught me
Baked Custard

1 egg
1/2 pint milk
1 tbls. sugar
grated nutmeg
few drops of vanilla essence

- Warm the milk to body temperature.
- Beat the egg and sugar lightly together, and add the milk and vanilla essence.
- Strain into a greased pie dish and grate a little nutmeg over the top.
- Place the pie dish in a larger pan, and pour water in the pan up to halfway up the pie dish.
- Bake in a very moderate oven for 40 minutes until set.

This recipe is simple but dear to me because it was something special my mother and I did during our mommy and me times. My grandma shared it with my mom when she was a little girl and so on and so on going back in the family. I hope to continue the bonding tradition and share this with my son when he's old enough. Right now he just enjoys eating the results. Ha

So that's my recipe for the Merry-Go-Round project this month. Wonder what recipes the other members of the Merry-Go-Round crew shared?
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Go take a visit and see. If you make something from any of the recipes make sure to send me some =)


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Oh my partner loves baked custard... I'm going to bake this for him real soon. Thank you for sharing!

Lily Pang said...

Such a yummy recipe and the best is your family "secret". I love to try it out.

Ruth said...

I love custard. I'll will be trying this one. And how nice that it is a family recipe.

Easterya said...

My hubby has been begging me for baked custard, and this is SUCH a treat to find a family recipe! Thank you Nikki!

meherio68 said...

Yes, "favourite" does often bring up childhood recipes, doesn't it? This looks really delicious - I love nutmeg and its subtle taste!

Jenny said...

Custard is so yummy! :)

JMom said...

I love custards! in any shape or way :) We make a similar one called leche flan in the Philippines. Yummy!

'fancypicnic' said...

Ooops. I've deleted my comment!
Tries again...

This sounds delicious - I'm definitely trying this out (husband smiles from ear to ear!). Thanks for sharing this family recipe with us - nice to meet you.

Gammie said...


What is vanilla essence? Plain vanilla flavoring or something else? It looks yummy.


Beaded Zen said...

Wow, I'm so glad everyone wants to try the custard receipe. I hope you all enjoys it :)

Gammie, vanilla essence is imitation vanilla extract. It gives you the flavor and smell but not as strong as pure vanilla extract.

Nidhi Seth said...

Traditional and
ethnic Indian
has been an all time favorite among people.

florcita said...

I hadn't seen this! looks yummy!