Friday, July 31, 2009

Merry Go Round - What Inspires

It's Merry-Go-Round topic blogging time! Each month a group of creative folks get together, pick a topic and then blog about it at the same time...give or take a time zone =).

This month's topic is to answer the question..."What inspires us: a peak into journals, pinboards, folders or wherever we keep our little snippets of inspiring stuff...?.

So even though I knew this topic was coming I wasn't very please to share. LOL. Not that I didn't want to share but in order to share I had to brave the inspiration box. The inspiration box started out as a inspiration folder that grew into an inspiration binder that...well grew into a box over the years. So what's in there that inspires me you wonder?

It's a combo of a binder and bits and pieces of things I find interesting like fabric, magazine ads, jewelry sketches, etc. Inspiration for me doesn't come from just jewelry, beading or fashion magazines. Anything I find interesting that can be re-made into a jewelry design goes in there. I also write little notes on the pages so I remember what inspired me and how I want to experiment with the idea.

But as I look at my box I fear it's outgrown it's current size. LOL. I've been trying to prune it and remove ideas that I've completed or that I'm not inspired by anymore. Still there's still lots in there to be inspired by...

Sadly this is my last contribution for the Merry-Go-Round project. But the other members are still sharing and blogging so please make a note of their links and go take a visit.

Andreanna @ Glamasaurus
Charlotte @ Fancy Picnic
Fabienne @ Easterya
Marian @ Florcita
Wendren @ Wren


meherio68 said...

It's great you've been so generous with your photos! I tend to hide as much as possible (and so very well) the fact that my "activities" definitely outgrow their alloted space...
Shame you have outgrown us too.
Best of luck!

'fancypicnic' said...

Love that you DID share this 'folder' with us! SO much inspiration packed in's fascinating where it all comes from, and the breadth of materials etc. Could you prune it? I think collections like these are an intrinsic part of us, don't you? Like an extra arm or something! Couldn't be without them...

Thanks for sharing your posts with us over the past few months - here's to your future x

Ruth said...

I love it! It seems so much more intriguing that it's jam packed!...and then as you get into it there are all those gorgeous pics! It's like "don't judge a book by it's cover"! I think you should leave it as it is - and just start a new one to match!
Enjoyed your merry-ing!

Jenny said...

haha! that is more like it! I tend to have piles of things here and there, which I then - mostly later than sooner.. - cut out and paste into folders and notebooks... um.. sometime... :)
take care! and good luck with everything!

Beaded Zen said...

Hey Merry Folks =)

It's not a matter of outgrowing...more a matter of not being on the same level. Everyone was being super creative while I'm still struggling with some basics. I didn't want to hold the creative flow of the group back. I still adore you guys =)

My box is funny right? I sometimes forget whaT I have in there...when I'm looking for an inspiration I'm always surprized to find something new and exciting. LOL

I think we creative folks are allowed to have boxes, folder, etc... if all your stuff is organized and neat then you've not been busy at your work table =)