Monday, July 20, 2009

The Tease of Inspiration

After the morning drama of getting my son ready for his first day of daycare, then coming all the way into the city for a class that booted me out and told me to sign up for an upcoming one can imagine that I was feeling a bit out of sorts.

I didn't want to hop back on the train again feeling that way so I decided to take a walk to breathe and bring my focus back to a positive level. It's been a long time since I took a walk alone...without a baby or stroller. At first I felt a little weird but the combination of a sunny day with the hustle and bustle of people in union square soon had me smiling and getting into a walking groove.

I decided to stroll uptown and see the sights and window shop. As I was strolling I passed by Anthropologie's store window and fell in love. There resting on the collar of a mannequin was a butterfly necklace made of beads that spoke to me. I don't know why or what about it caught my attention but I was soon walking into the store looking to view the necklace up close and personal.

But at first I couldn't find it. Darn! So in my desperation I flagged down the first sales rep I saw...btw, a very nice girl...and asked in a near whisper where I could find the necklace. She soon directed me to a display box on one of the tables. As I contained my shout of Ah Ha! she got her keys to open the box. She inserted the key and...the lock wouldn't open. She tried another key...again the same thing. Whaaaa is goin on I wanted to shout. Can't you see I need to see that necklace up close and personal?!

Of course I didn't say that I just smiled and said...well if you can't get the box open...But being a trooper she said, hold on I'm going to get the master key....which she did...which did not open the box either. In the end we tried all different types of keys with the help of one of the store mangers. But that necklace never made it out the box into my hand. Why? I have no idea.

In the end I admitted defeat to the gods of inspiration, said goodbye to the necklace and walked out the store as one frustrated jewelry lover. LOL. All in all I think it was best since the necklace cost around $200. I of course don't have an extra $200 laying around but it was nice to forget the price for a while and be inspired by the design.


Dee said...

That was fate getting in the way. You weren't suppose to purchase the necklace, but simply be inspired to making something beautiful in your own designs.

Beaded Zen said...

What a positive way of looking at it. Thanks fro your comment

'fancypicnic' said...

Fate indeed...what a tease!
But, as you say - inspiration!! How will you use it, I wonder?