Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finding Jewelry Maturity Online

Sometimes being online promoting your business takes all darn day. You would think I would know this already from promoting my personal site but I've found this is a horse of a total different color. I find the jewelry business is just such a broad industry. There's all different types of jewelry, ways of making jewelry and ways of promoting. Again, something I should remember from countless workshops on advertising and promotion. *sigh*

Anyway, after spending way to much time making a Beaded Zen Facebook profile I discovered it's not the right type...I made a personal one when it should have been a business one. Not my fault, not my fault. There was no option during signup *scowl*. So, I had to go back and then make a "Beaded Zen page" where I can claim being a business more professionally. Ok, then!

After making my presence know on facebook it was time to add my friends which is always the fun part =). A couple of interesting things about finding and adding friends in a social network. First, some people you'll run into repeatedly *waving to Jamee of Jonara Blu Maui* because everyone loves them. Second, your going to see tons of people you want to add for tons of different reasons. I saw bunches of people but since my aim to network and promote my jewelry I had to be selective about choosing friends. Hmm. This sounds bad but here my reasoning

It's not that I don't want to make a ton of crafty friends. It's more about finding people on my same level of jewelry maturity. I'm trying to take this business to a profitable level. I want to make jewelry that shows this. I want to find people who inspire me and share the same goals. We don't have to make the same kind of jewelry or even be in the same industry. I just want to find others who are also progressing creatively. I find many people are at different levels...this is natural...we all started somewhere right? The key is not to be stuck on a certain level creatively.

Matter of fact as I sort thru my boxes of jewelry I find many pieces I made years ago I wouldn't make now. I plan on using most of that stock of jewelry in my "free jewelry" promotions or just selling in a super sale just to move that stock out. I'm not in the same place creatively. I have different jewelry ideas and inspirations now. Some of my jewelry just isn't "me" anymore. I've matured jewelry wise *grin* I hope this post makes sense...If it doesn't forgive's 3am. LOL

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