Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creating Jewelry Space

For the past few days I've been going thru and cleaning out my boxes. I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten I had alot of things. LOL. Well, I pulled up my breeches, rolled up my sleeves and jumped in. I surface every now and again in amazement at things I've found.


Take for example my bead loom. Gosh, I bough this loom years ago when I was talking a class at the Bead Society of Greater New York. I loved this loom but never loomed anything. Go figure. Then I found stacks of jewelry magazine from BeadnButton, BeadStyle, Jewelry Crafts, etc. Again loved reading the magazines but never made any of the projects. Go figure a second time. Then I found a great little beading book. Nope never made anything shown. Third time charm of go figures.

Adding to the list are tools, beads and different assortments of jewelry finding. How is it possible to have all this stuff and not be famous already? LOL. No seriously, I should have done something with all this stuff. I can't blame it on anything or anyone...I was just running around enjoying life while making jewelry here and there. Ah, the joys of my pre-mommie days. But now I have to get organized so alot of these things have to go.

Best way to get rid of these things? By passing them along of course...I'm going to upload stuff to my online store and then notify my jewelry and crafter friends who I'm sure will have room. LOL

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