Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spiritual Beading : A Community Project

I find in life creative energy flows in a certain ironic way.  Take for example, this week I started organizing all my craft and jewelry magazines right? I also started cleaning out my craft and jewelry inbox (long overdue).  Recently, I read one particular email requesting info from a past FMG catalog.  I'm sorta ashamed to say I still have FMG catalogs from 2002. 

Anyway, I wanted to find the info for this fellow jewelry person so I started to look thru my now nicely organized catalogs. :) I didn't find the info so I decided to look thru the FMG website...I was surfing around... trying to avoid lusting after more jewelry beads... when I came to their community page.  Ah, I figure bios or featured stories might be there.  I was sorta right.  While the story I was looking for wasn't there I saw a story on the Beaded Prayers Project.

What is the Beaded Prayers Project?
The project engages people of all ages and backgrounds to create beaded packets that contain their prayers, wishes, hopes or dreams. Each participant creates two sealed beaded packets: one to keep in celebration of individuality and the other for the travelling exhibit, Beaded Blessings, which is displayed in sites throughout the world in celebration of unity and diversity.

Now this project is long over...I didn't even know about it...but the idea is amazing.  I always love to see how people use their creativity and bead love in a way that helps the community. Yes it's nice to make money and become famous for something we've made. That's one of the driving purpose for all creative folks including  myself. But I've always felt being a creative person is also spiritual thing and we can use our talents in alot of selfless ways also.  

Ok, enough of the zen stuff.  LOL, I'm off to print out the instructions on how to make my own prayer packet for me and baby. 

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