Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Women Should Die Giving Life

So for the past 2 weeks or so I've been trying to find a charity to support. I've looked on eBay, Face Book and multitudes of various online sites highlighting organizations that are worthy of receiving donations. Still I didn't find what I was looking for.  Should have been an easy task considering there's literally thousands of charities to be found. Hmm. But being who I am I can never just do something easy. I had to find something that not only touched me on a personal level but made some positive worldly karmic contribution.

Well, thanks to Charity Navigator I finally found one *grin*.  As a new mother I wanted a cause that either support new moms or support infant health issues.  Americans for UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) does all that and so much more.  As I read thru their site to learn about their mission statement, services and programs I felt more and more I wanted to join with them.  I like that it's an international source of assistance.  Women from all over the world no matter racial background will receive the help they need.  

They even have a section where women can form a community around this idea
Lifelines: http://www.worldlifelines.org/Gui/Content.aspx?Page=Lifelines
a communal space where women can share their life experiences and learn from the experience of others

Since I come from a multiracial family and have my own biracial son, I didn't want to pick organization just helped one racial demographic of women. I've always felt women are part of a single community no matter the skin tone. Going through the process of puberty and preparing to be a mother is something ALL women can relate to. True, some women may choose not to became mothers while other women choose alternative forms of parenting.  But for those women like me that brave the birthing process, it's one of the greatest joys of life. I wanna be part of something that helps a woman have choices so she can also have a positive motherly experience.

All that's left is to contact them...2nd step


Anonymous said...

Great sentiment and lovely idea. Women are women no matter what color...all bonded together for whatever the purpose.


Ruth said...

Glad you've found somewhere. Look forward to hearing how you organize it all.

Nidhi Seth said...

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